Week One

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Yogurt with fruit and water  waffles with fruit and water Oatmeal with berries and water Toast with jam, fruit and water  Cheerios with fruit and juice 
Turkey, avocado, cheese wrap with milk Beef and tomato macaroni with veggies and milk.  Egg,ham,spinach and cheese omelet. with milk  Mini pitas with turkey,spinach. veggies and milk   Blueberry pancakes, veggies and fruit with milk 
Muffins , fruit and water  Applesauce with animal crackers and juice  Fruit salad, arrowroots and water  Rice cakes, cucumber and water Cheese,crackers and pears 

Week Two

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Oatmeal with fruit and water  French toast with banana's and water  Yogurt and fruit with water Cinnamon toast with water Homemade muffins with fruit and juice 
Homemade bolognese sauce penne noodles with veggies and milk.  make your own mini pizzas (ham,peppers and cheese) veggies and milk  Grilled cheese, veggies and milk   black bean , spinach, red pepper and cheese quesadilla with milk  homemade Mac and cheese with veggies and milk 
Gold fish crackers, cucumber and water  Applesauce and arrowroots  Raisins, apples, cheese and juice Rice cakes , pears and juice  Yogurt with fruit and water 

Week Three

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Applesauce with fruit and water Cheerio's, fruit and juice  Scrambled eggs, toast , fruit and water  Bear paws with fruit and water banana bluberry,spinach muffins and water 
Black bean,spinach,peppers and cheese quesadilla with milk  Turkey,avocado,cheese
wrap with milk  
Pasta,veggies and milk  egg salad sandwiches. veggies and milk  picking lunch (kubi,cheese,pickles and veggies with milk)
Cucumber, cheese, and pears with water Rasins, pears,bear paws and water  Mum mum's, banana's and water  Cheese, crackers with fruit and juice Fruit salad with juice 

Week Four

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Flourless pancakes, fruit and water Cinnamon toast, fruit and water  Waffle's with berries and water Oatmeal, fruit and water  Scrambled eggs, toast and water
Pizza roll ups , veggies and milk.  Homemade bolognese sauce penne noodles, veggies and milk  Make your own tacos.  Egg, ham ,spinach and pepper with cheese muffins. milk  Berry pancake bake with fruit and milk
Fruit salad, with water  Apple sauce, animal crackers and water  yogurt, fruit and water  Arrowroots with fruit and water  Rice cakes with veggies and water 


  • Menus are seasonal and subject to change without notice. For example, in the Summer time lunches will be picnics outside (weather permitting.)
  • Click here to download printable menu