About Sammy

Nice to meet you and your family! Here is a little bit about myself. I graduated from Early Childhood Education in 2008, and worked at Brown bear daycare for four years. I opened Sammys Little hearts in April 2011. I am CPR and first aid trained. Since then I have gotten married and now have a family of my own. I have a daughter and son and I'm located in Stittsville. We adopted my husband's Grandfathers dog. She is the sweetest littlest dog, she is so great with my daycare crew!

My goals, apart from providing the best in childcare, is to have fun with the children, while participating in all types of activities that will make their childhood memorable. I believe with the years of childcare experience I have developed excellent organizational and time management skills. I am very self motivated and I accept new challenges and eager to take on new roles and responsibilites. I always maintain a sense of perspective and a sense of fun. I feel I have a lot to offer, I am very upbeat and an energetic person, with a consistently positve outlook. I am a strong believer that children express themselves through art and this is why I incorporate learning into fun while they are in my care.